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Sandals are some of the most popular footwear trends that update and change at least a little bit every year. You can usually get away with wearing some styles year after year but there are always a few ways to update your wardrobe with the newest sandal trends, too. Sometimes just a slight change in a heel or toe shape can make all the difference. 

The sandal trends for 2019 are no exception. There are some updated looks that mimic years past and some entirely new trends as well. You’ll be able to find something that works for your personal style no matter what because this year’s sandal trends are all-encompassing. Sporty to dressy, there’s something for everyone in 2019. 

Depending on what you plan to wear you can even manage to make some of these styles work well into the fall season this year, which is great news for any sandal lover out there. From Viakix sandals that work great outdoors to office-friendly looks that will let your feet breathe even when you’re at your desk, here are 10 hot sandal trends for 2019. 

1. Sporty Sandals

You’ll be able to find sporty sandal looks from traditional brands like Viakix but you’ll also find them from high-end fashion brands that haven’t ventured into this area before too. While basic rugged looks are trendy this year there are also updated ways to wear this style of sandal including bedazzled or holographic straps that make the style more fashion-forward.

You can pair the blinged-out versions with dressier looks or even just a really nice pair of jeans to keep the trend looking extra edgy. Of course, you can always wear sport sandals while out hiking or just walking around town as well. Either way, you’ll find these sandals as popular as ever this year.

2. Minimalistic/Naked Sandals

The chance to show off as much of your foot as possible (while still wearing shoes) is a big deal this year. Sandals that feature very thin straps and leave your foot looking mostly “naked” are extremely popular this year. They’re even sneaking into fall looks by being paired with metallic socks or patterned tights. If you don’t have a pair of strappy sandals now is the time to get one.

3. Mules

Slide on mule style sandals are a throwback to the 90s that’s super popular this year. Think about combining the strappy sandal look with square toes and a kitten heel. That gives you the look of the mules that are popular right now. Even referred to as “the mom mule” by some fashion brands, it’s a great look that’s going to last well into the fall.

4. Platform Sandals

Another 90s trend that’s back with some minor updates. While you can find styles that look like they’re straight off a Spice Girls photoshoot you can also find some updated ways to wear platform sandals. Some of them are more chunky and rugged-looking than you would’ve found in the 90s styles, but either way, this look is extremely popular right now.

5. Raffia/Woven Sandals

Okay, so this look probably isn’t one you can wear to the office but it’s still a great look for sandal trends in 2019. You’ll be able to find all kinds of sandals made out of raffia or woven looks and some will be more styled than others. Whether you go for the sparkly look or the more natural style either would be a great option for beach-wear or just a relaxed day out shopping.

6. Very Flat Strappy Sandals

This is a little different than the naked/minimalistic look but with similar tones. (Can you tell how influential that look is this year?) You’ll be able to find sandals that have no heel or platform at all. Think of something flatter and thinner than even a basic canvas shoe. That’s what you’re looking at with this trend.

If you want to look especially on trend with this look you can pair it with sandals that have straps you tie up your leg or very thin straps that leave most of your foot exposed. Leather straps or animal print straps are very popular for this flat strappy sandaled look too. Find a pair you love and enjoy the comfort of not having to wear heels all day for once.

7. Gold Sandals 

It doesn’t matter which style you choose to match this trend up with, gold sandals are available in a bunch of options this year. You can find them in strappy or chunky sandals, and even some sporty looks have incorporated the gold sandal trend. If you want to be able to wear this sandal trend to the office find a pair with a kitten heel (like a mule) and go with a more dressy look.

8. Flip-Flops

It’s a little cliche to say these are a trend because flip-flops are something people wear every year. However, this year they were especially prevalent on the runway for spring and summer looks. 

They’ve been upgraded from basic plastic materials to feature leather, gold, or animal print straps. Some flip-flop styles even have a chunkier sole to make them extra trendy and pair them up with the platform sandal trend that’s popular this year.

9. Logo Sandals 

So you don’t have to embrace this trend with the younger more childish versions of logo-wear out there. There are logo sandals this year that have been updated to look more grown-up and even office-friendly. You’ll have to look for this style from more high-end brands like Fendi to get the full benefit of the style but it could be worth it if you are looking for a great pair of sandals.

10. Retro Wedge Sandals

This is going back to looks from the 70s instead of just taking things back to the 90s. Wedges that are brightly colored and feature embroidered designs are hugely popular. You’ll be able to find these sandal looks well into the fall this year because they aren’t showing as much of the foot off as the naked/minimalistic designs. 

If you love bright colors and a handmade sort of style this is a great trend for you. These sandals will look great with maxi dresses or even jeans if you want something that adds a little pop of color to your outfit. You can even find handbags that mimic this style to really tie your outfit together and look extra trendy.

Finding a sandal trend that works for you is going to be very easy to do this year. No matter your personal style preferences there’s a trend to match. Sporty looks will keep your feet comfortable while the gold sandals or wedges will look great for dressed-up office attire or a day out with the girls. It’s all about what you love this year, so enjoy the choices out there. Happy shopping!

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