Gottex Savannah Swimsuit


Hi everyone!
Spring is finally here, which also means Summer will come very soon. There are already so many swimsuit and bikini options out there that it's difficult to choose. You may think it's too early to think about swimsuits, but I wouldn't agree. Now is the time when there is the biggest number of options, hence it's the best time to choose. I totally fell in love with this gorgeous Gottex swimsuit with crystals from UK Swimwear! I can honestly say it's the most beautiful swimsuit I have ever seen. In addition to that, it fits perfectly and feels secure. Also, can we just take a moment and appreciate these stunning huge crystals?! I can't stop looking at them. There are a few ways you can tie this swimsuit (which is on SALE now), and I decided to tie it this way in this occasion. However, the best and most practical way is probably the one you can see on the website. I will definitely try to tie it like this next time. 😊
xoxo. Sienna


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  1. Love the swimsuit! Looks really good on you and the blog design is super cute <3
    Check out my blog to!

  2. beautiful swimsuit!

  3. Beautiful swimsuit!! I like your blog, wanna follow each other?:)

  4. This swim suit is STUNNING! I love the front details with the cris cross and diamonte. x


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