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Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be tough and expensive. Stylists spend endless hours putting clothes together to keep their clients trendsetters. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a personal stylist, but this guide will help you with the small details, which make celebrities stand out. It's all about the accessories. Every celebrity has their own take on clothing style, but they all share the need to accessorize. 

First, choose the style of clothing that best suits your body and lifestyle. Decide what comfort level you are with clothing fit. You can wear something barely there for hitting the club or something super casual for dinner. 

After you’ve chosen the perfect outfit, it's time to accessorize. Start from head to toe, literally. 

If you are having a bad hair day or just don’t feel like fixing your hair, no prob. Hats and wigs are in. Kylie Jenner made wigs a trend. The options are endless for wigs. Short, long, straight, curly. Oh the colors! You can choose from natural looking or fun colors like hot pink or lime green. 

The thought of a wig can be terrifying to some people. If you want a safer look or less dramatic, try a hat. There is a hat for occasion and personality. If you are in comfy clothes you can choose a ball cap. If you still want to look super chic try a floppy hat.

Moving down, the eyes. You will never catch a celeb outside squinting from the sun. That's never a good look. Sunglasses are always worn when a celeb steps outside. Glasses aren’t just for the sun tho. You can use glasses just to make a fashion statement.

Jewelry is a must. Most of us can’t step out in a million dollar ring, and that's ok, but accessorizing with jewelry is a must do. For earrings you can go big or small depending on your outfit. Remember, big earrings can be heavy and may take time to get used to. For necklaces and rings, layering is key. Why wear one when you can wear two or three? Wearing multiple rings and necklaces at a time is a trend. Celebs are even wearing two rings on the same finger. You can wear a ring above and below the knuckle. 

For your feet, it is important to choose the best shoe for the occasion. Yes, celebs wear flats and even tennis shoes. A favorite among the stars are Adidas Superstars. Don’t be afraid to test our different types of heels. The key to choosing heels is staying within your comfort level. Be sure that you can easily walk in those heels. 

When you are trying to dress like a celebrity just remember it is about the details. It's more than just the outfit, it's the package. Dress from head to toe. It's the small details that give you the full effect. 

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