Shine Like The Gossip Girl Stars With Meghna Jewels


Hi everyone!
Recently Gossip Girl turned 10 (10 years since the first episode aired), so the characters from this beloved TV-show were appearing everywhere on the social media. Gossip Girl is one of my favourite shows ever, and one of those shows that I can watch over and over again.
Just a few weeks before its anniversary I discovered a brand of jewelry called Meghna Jewels. This jewelry immediately look my breath away and I wanted to find out more about it. I went to their website and looked at the beautiful fashion and fine jewelry, and very soon I realised that some of the characters on Gossip Girl actually wore this jewelry! More precisely, Blake Lively and Kelly Rutherford wore it in the show.  I was really surprised by my discovery! I was lucky enough to be able to choose one item form Meghna Jewels fashion collection and I chose this beautiful statement ring. How gorgeous is that?!

Meghna Patel is an Indian designer, who debuted her first fashion jewelry collection in 2011. Her jewelry was an instant success, as her pieces were featured  in many publications, such as Elle, Vogue, O Magazine, Life & Style, etc. After the success of fashion line, Meghna transitioned into a fine jewelry line to focus more on the creative side and designing unique pieces. Her collection became an even bigger hit after it was featured on Gossip Girl.

In the words of the designer Meghna: "The signature pave arches signifies fierceness and letting going of fear, taking a step forward in what you believe in and pursuing your passion. Follow your own individual style, follow your dreams and follow what you believe in." I think this quote shows very well how unique and special her jewelry is. The fine collections "Bora Bora" and "Claw" are each beautiful in their own way and it would be very difficult for anyone to resist them.


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