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As my studying in Denmark is coming to an end, I started thinking about how this will definitely also be the end of one chapter of my life. I'm going back to Croatia at the end of June for Summer holidays and then I start my internship in August which will also be in Zagreb. After that, I just have to write my Bachelor's paper and that's it. I will definitely come back to Denmark in January next year for a bit to take my final exam, but honestly I still have no idea what I'm going to do after that.
For some time I thought I want to go back to Croatia, but now I'm not sure anymore... I'm starting to like life in Denmark more than ever this year, so one of the options might be to find a job in Copenhagen. Anyway, that's still quite far away but of course I'm getting all of these thoughts in my head.

I have also been thinking about how these 3 years in Denmark just flew by so fast. I remember like it was yesterday when I was still in Zagreb and found out I got accepted to a college in Denmark, after struggling to find my way in life for some time. It was the perfect timing and the perfect opportunity for me to spread my wings and fly away from home on my own for the first time. All of these thoughts are the reason why I chose the "Fly Away" links while I was deciding how I want my new X Jewellery bracelet to look like. X Jewellery is a range of composable bracelets for women who march to their own drumbeat! Depending on where you are in you life right now and how you feel, you can choose what kind of links you want to incorporate into your bracelet. Unlike any of the modular link bracelets on the market, X Jewellery range is founded on the classic anchor chain - a symbol of strength - chosen to reflect bold women who see fashion as a form of expression.

Now onto the very exciting parts... 😉

1. If you use the code "HappyShoppingMay" during May on X Jewellery site, you get 20% off everything!

2. You can WIN a sterling silver bracelet just like mine in my INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY! Definitely check it out and enter!

The giveaway is open from May 20 - June 3. Good luck everyone!
xoxo Sienna

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