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This post is a bit different than usual, but it fits perfectly into my lifestyle category. If you didn't know, I'm also an interior designer, so topics like this are right up my alley. When I was contacted by the lovely Mona who wanted to write an article about interior design on my blog, of course I accepted it! This is a very useful article that she wrote, so I hope it helps you!
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Sooner or later, every homeowner must make the decision of whether to buy furniture brand new or opt for reupholstering old furniture. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, and the choice can be challenging for those who are inexperienced. Below are some guidelines that will help you decide if a piece of furniture should be reupholstered, or thrown out and replaced with something brand new.
Price vs. Quality
A common mistake that is made by those who are novices regarding furniture is to prioritize price over quality. For instance, many of these individuals will choose to buy brand new furniture when they realize the price is much lower than reupholstering their old furniture. However, these individuals fail to consider that much of the modern, affordable furniture is cheaply designed and won’t last as long as their existing furniture would if it were reupholstered. 
Furniture is similar to wine in that if it is properly cared for it will eventually become antique, at which point its value would actually increase. In other words, the money you invest today to reupholster your old furniture could pay dividends tomorrow.
How Much Does Reupholstering Cost?
Prices for reupholstery vary, but often it will be the same as purchasing new furniture. It will depend on the amount of work that is needed and the fabric that is desired. Simple things such as re-stuffing one cushion because your dog damaged it won’t cost much, but if you need repairs to backboards, springs, re-stuffing and upholstery, that would be more expensive. 
Fabric is the primary factor which determines how much you’ll pay for reupholstery. Larger pieces of furniture such as couches will usually require more fabric than chairs, which means they will cost more. Additionally, if you want designer fabric such as velvet this will significantly drive up the cost of the project.
When to Keep and When to Get Rid of Furniture
Before you throw out and replace a piece of old furniture there are many things to consider. If the frame is still high in quality and the furniture is sturdy it should be kept, even if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Chairs and couches which were constructed 15 years ago or longer often have frames which are much more durable. 
Newer furniture is often imported from developing countries where quality controls aren’t as high, so you should definitely keep furniture that is American made. Even some American companies have begun lowering their standards by using cheaper woods which aren’t ideal for the frames of furniture. Modern furniture tends to be assembled with epoxy and staples, whereas older furniture was constructed using screws with tough hardwood. Furniture should be thrown out and replaced whenever the frame is damaged. 

Other signs that a piece of furniture needs to go includes broken backboards or springs which pop. No matter how stained or dirty a piece of furniture may be, if the frame is still intact, this is a sign that you’d be better off reupholstering furniture, even if it costs more than newer furniture. Older furniture which is cared for will eventually become antique and when it does your children or grandchildren can sell it for a significant profit, if they wish.

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