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Hello everyone!
We all know off the shoulder is a huge trend right now. I don't own many pieces that are off the shoulder but I'm working on that now. :) Since I haven't done a wishlist in a long time, I thought I would do one featuring some cool affordable off the shoulder tops and dresses from Zaful that I love.  Any of these dresses and tops could be a perfect addition to anyone's Summer wardrobe. If you are interested in getting some affordable off the shoulder pieces, here is a list of the items from the first collage:
1. White off the shoulder dress
2. Cut out off the shoulder dress
3. Floral off the shoulder dress

I feel like this trend became huge really fast; almost like overnight. Seems like everyone is obsessed with everything off the shoulder at the moment, including me. So here is the list of items from the second collage:
1. Striped off the shoulder dress (I ordered this one!)
2. Black off the shoulder top
3. Ruffled off the shoulder top

Do you like this trend? Let me know your thoughts.
xoxo S.

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  1. I like these dress, it is must have clothes for this summer:)


  2. I liked second model in the first pics and dark in the second list:D

  3. Love this trend! I can't get enough :)
    My favorites are the last three ones heheh
    Thanks for your nice comment and for your visit! I hope you come back again!



  4. Like the second dress and flower pattern looks great, like this style of dress, simple but the detail is good and stylish.

  5. I love your wishlist doll. The pics are so great x

    Check the latest from me here:

  6. Great post dear !
    Love your blog <3


  7. I have the second dress, the white one and I love it!
    Fabrizia - Cosa Mi Metto???

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