TREND | New Rules in Fashion


"Fashion changes, style endures." - Coco Chanel

It's amazing how fashion rules change over time. What was hot yesterday, becomes outdated today, and the new trend comes tomorrow. Sometimes these trends can be crazy, and can even drive people into illness or health problems. We all know about the crazy standards models have to strive to achieve, but I noticed a new trend lately - plus size models. I don't know if trend is the right word, but what is important is that the fashion industry is finally creating space for models who are not crazy thin. It's actually amazing that more people are finally starting to accept curves, and also realize that there is a huge market out there for plus size dresses for women, including different styles like long plus size dresses and pink plus size dresses. There is no reason why plus size girls couldn't be as stylish as skinny girls. I think it's a good thing that the fashion industry has finally started realizing that.
What do you think about these new rules in fashion?
xoxo S.

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