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It's no secret backpacks have been a huge trend for over a year now. It's funny how our opinion about certain fashion items changes with time... I guess that's what the trends are for. Before backpacks became such a big trend, I never even thought about them as an everyday bag, better said, as something I would carry instead of a regular bag. I just looked at them as something you carry around with you when you are a kid going to school, or maybe when you travel. That was, of course, before backpacks became so stylish.
Now I am totally obsessed with them and looking for a cool one to add to my bag collection. Omgnb offers a wide variety of affordable backpacks, I would highly recommend that you check them out. These two are some of my faves.
Do you like backpacks, and how do you style them?
Have a nice day! :)
xoxo S.

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  1. perfect backpacks...:) looks great!

  2. These backpacks are so stylish and pretty! We love incorporating backpacks in our outfits too!

    ISA Professional


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