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Some of you may not like Autumn, but personally, it'a one of my favorite seasons. I think it's one of those seasons when you can be really creative with your wardrobe. Why, you ask? Well, it's not warm enough anymore to just wear a T-shirt, but still not cold enough to always have to wear a thick jacket or a coat. That being said, you can play around with throwing on some cool leather or denim jacket, an embroidered vest, a sequined cropped jacket, a lightweight coat, or whatever you prefer... You get the picture, right?
For me, Autumn is all about layering. If you know how to layer well, no doubt you will always look stylish. Shein is often my go-to website when looking for trendy, inexpensive pieces. These are some of the cool outerwear pieces I recently found on their site, that I would absolutely love to own. Which one is you fave? :)
xoxo Sienna

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