How to wear orange


As any other bright color, it's the best and safest way to use orange in details to make your outfit more interesting. Orange pop of color will definitely bring your outfit to a whole new level! Still, since orange is such a huge trend this Spring, you might want to use it in more than just one piece in an outfit. If you do so, play with different shades or orange, or maybe patterns that have orange in them. Definitely keep in mind not to overdo it, because you might end up looking like a big orange! In my example, I started from this cool orange shirt, which I paired with fabulous wide leg pants with a floral print, and I pulled it all together with this nude Rebecca Minkoff bag. Something like this would work really well to incorporate this season's hot color in your everyday life!

If you want to use orange just as a pop of color, you can wear it almost everywhere, except in maybe a strict corporate environment. An outfit like I put together in this example could be worn to brunch with your friends, to take a walk in the center of the city, even to work if you work in something connected to design or marketing.

The color orange definitely brings positive vibes to anyone wearing it, or anyone just looking at it. It makes you think of sunshine, Spring and something fresh. Also, if you like to follow trends, orange is definitely the color of this Spring, according to the leading fashion media. 

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