InstaJanuary 2015


1. Behind the scenes shot from the first editorial ever I styled for magazine Ljepota & Zdravlje | 
2. New Eugenia Kim hat c/o ShopBop | 3. First thing I did when I came back to Copenhagen after the holidays - Starbucks | 4. Taking a walk in the beautiful Køge

Here's my January through Instagram... A bit of Zagreb, a bit of Denmark :)
xoxo Sienna

1. Driving selfie | 2. New Michael Kors bag c/o ShopBop |
3. Last treat in Zagreb before leaving back to Denmark | 4. Picking out Nike AirMax in Shooster in Zagreb

1. Cinema time while I was still in Zagreb: ''Kill the messenger'' | 2. Outfit post: Tuskanac | 3. New Year celebration

1. One of the things I miss the most when I'm in Denmark - driving | 2. Outfit post: Tuskanac |
3. Goodbye Zagreb, it was nice seeing you | 4. Taking a walk in the beautiful Køge

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