InstaNovember 2014


1. Selfie time! | 2. International environment at EASJ Campus Køge |
3. By the channel | 4. This is what we play with at my college :) |

November was such an amazing month, full of new experience, knowledge and people... Actually, it's been like that since I came to Denmark. Still, I feel like November was especially exciting :)
I'm flying back to Zagreb tomorrow for the Christmas holidays, and I'm totally happy to see all my friends and family, go to my favorite places in the city, and so on, but at the same time I know I will also miss Denmark during the next month until I come back...
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xoxo Sienna

| 1. By the channel | 2. The beautiful church in Køge and the location for our video shoot |
3. New parka thanks to GetTheLabel | 4. Selfie with the girls at casual bar at Campus Køge |

1. Selfie | 2. Detail - Church in Køge |
3. Parka and plaid | 4. Behind the scenes of shooting a modern western for our school project |

1. Editing a video for a Danish writer for a school project | 2. More toys we play with at my college |
3. Weekend, I love you | 4. New skirt thanks to Black Five |

1. Arm candy | 2. By the channel |
3. Beautiful Køge | 4. Selfie |

1.  Rainy OOTD | 2. With my flatmate at our school Christmas party |
3. Gløgg and decoration at our school Christmas party | 4. Editing bloopers from the modern western we did for our school project... So fun! |

1. Køge moments | 2. Weekend, I love you |
3. ''All bundled up and faking a bob'' selfie :D | 4. Playing with the camera at Campus Køge |

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  1. It's so cool, I love how you end the month with a "summary" like this, pretty cute!
    Have a great day Sienna <3


  2. cool photos!! I love it!


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