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PickedLooks is the most trusted dress store that designs ball dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses and evening dresses in New Zealand. If you have a special occasion to attend, then this online shop is the right place for you! They offer an enhanced boutique experience online with a wide range of beautiful dresses and fancy accessories. From sweet to sophisticated ball dresses, prom attire and evening wear, PickedLooks is the destination for the needs and whims of the fashion-conscious women. Putting an end to the dress code dilemmas, with their wide range of styles, you are sure to get an effortlessly stunning gown from PickedLooks. And which girl doesn't want a stunning evening dress at an affordable price?!

Dedicated to the art of feminine draping, innovative design and the romance of the occasion have always been at the forefront of the philosophy of the design  of PickedLooks. To meet the demands for classic style and romantic details, PickedLooks also offers ladies fashion dresses touched by vintage inspiration. They have sensational evening dresses for prom night, cocktail party or after party in styles varying from strapless to trendy one shoulder, asymmetrical hemlines to baby doll dresses, fitted short dresses to long graduation gowns. In other words, they offer dresses for any special occasion you can think of!
Everything the team at PickedLooks creates has that extra attention to detail, from the top quality fabrics they use, to their sales assistants expertise. Whether you are graced in soft organza, chiffons or romantic satins and taffetas, PickedLooks is an extraordinary accompaniment to your every desire. You can choose from hundreds of dresses, and every woman can find the perfect dress for herself.  Their are always ready for the red carpet - the perfect amount of glamour, elegance and drama - these dresses embody sophistication and decadence. Dressed in spectacular beading, glamorous laces and enchanting fabrics, you are assured to be the center of elegance and attention. And every girl loves that! Here are some of my current favorite PickedLooks dresses, share your favorites :)
xoxo Sienna

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  1. The blue dress is kinda amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Have a great day Sienna :*


  2. Gorgeous dresses, super post ;)

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