Bingo in the world of fashion


Style inspiration from a most unlikely source
A time-honored quote often attributed to the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus goes like this: “Change is the only constant in life.” This certainly rings true in the fashion industry, where models and designers are always evolving, discovering and keeping up with the latest trends and ideas. From novel fabrics and unusual colors to offbeat patterns and quirky styles, fashion designers work closely with world-class models to bring out their collective vision to an increasingly knowledgeable worldwide audience. All told, the fashion industry will always be in need of bold innovators who dare to dissolve the boundaries of style. Indeed, originality and inspiration can be unearthed from virtually anywhere, regardless of how unconventional or eccentric it seems to the naked eye. And so it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that the classic game of bingo has finally made its way to the world of fashion.

Perhaps the most successful example of this bingo-fashion connection is the unprecedented popularity of the Wardrobe Bingo method. Introduced as clever way to overcome the tedium of occasional style funks and untimely fashion ruts, the Wardrobe Bingo technique underscores the value of taking risks in the serious business of choosing what clothes and accessories to wear on any given day. Moreover, bingo cards have served as a surprisingly versatile platform for adding a touch of humor to high-profile fashion events. Buzzfeed has a digital bingo card poking fun at the 2013 New York Fashion Week. The New York Observer has chimed in with its own satirical jab at this year’s NY Fashion Week.

This element of playfulness also translates incredibly well to the promotional side of online bingo companies. Bingo developer NYX Interactive, who’s designed the free bingo games on Free Bingo Hunter, has recently introduced a “SPOOFS” feature, which communicates with players by “mixing messages of various “fun facts”, “feature suggestions”, marketing incentives, new game launches, and so on”, creating a more interactive experience.   From serendipitous new wardrobe choices to good-humored digs at fashion’s elite, the classic game of bingo remains a fantastic source of good ideas to fashion aficionados around the world.

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