How to wear sequins during the day


Some people tend to think that sequins are only for clubbing or fancy dinners.... Well guess what? Those people are wrong! Sequins can totally be worn during the day, even to work, but you just have to know how to incorporate them appropriately in your outfit. I recently discovered this really cool online shop called Liucia, and I saw this lovely pastel sequined skirt, which actually gave me the idea to do this post. I used this beauty as the statement piece of this outfit, and built on it. This is also a great idea generally - if you want to wear a sequined piece during the day, pick that item first, and create your look around it. Liucia Japan is a lifestyle brand noted for its obi and kimono bags that celebrate the past in present iconic designs. All Liucia items are carefully made in Japan, which guarantees superb quality. Also, if you like their Facebook page HERE, you will receive complimentary worldwide shipping, and will be signed up for some amazing offers!
Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to this type of looks, is to keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple. For example, I chose a sequined skirt, and then opted for a neutral grey chunky cardigan and ballet flats, which immediately makes this day-appropriate. I would probably wear a basic tee under the cardigan, thus achieving a relaxed look. The lovely blue bag goes really well with the blue hues in the skirt, so I thought it would be perfect in this combination.

An outfit like this can be worn to run errands in the city, to go to brunch, to have coffee with your friends, to go to work.... Keep in mind that this is only work-appropriate if you work in a non-corporate company that doesn't have strict rules when it comes to dressing. If you work in fashion, design, journalism, and other creative jobs like that, this will probably work just fine.

When used in a right way, sequins are a great way to add a special touch to your everyday look. Wearing sequins during the day is also a wonderful idea to show people you have a great sense of style, because most people won't be wearing sequins if they're not clubbing.

Tell me your thoughts on this trend... Do you wear sequins during the day?
xoxo Sienna

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  1. LOVE this post! I adore that skirt! & the colour of that bag!! xx

  2. Meni je baš super što se sada svašta može nositi, bilo gdje i bilo kada! :)


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