InstaJanuary 2014


 1. Minimal | 2. The night of museums: Museum of Modern Art |
3. Outfit post | 4. New ring by Gorjana & Griffin

Well, it's that time of the month again - the time to review my previous month on Instagram. Here are all the pics I published on Instagram last month. Btw, you can follow me on Instagram @siennaana.
xoxo Sienna

1. Outfit post | 2. Outfit post |
3. The night of museums: The Art Pavilion | 4. Winter essentials

 1. Ready for movie night kinda face | 2. On top of Zagreb |
3. The night of museums: The Zagreb City Museum | 4. Found Gandalf at The Natural History Museum :)

1. The night of museums: Museum of Arts and Crafts | 2. All bundled up for The night of museums… It was super cold | 
3. New bag ℅ Le Grenier de Vivi | 4. The cat situation

1. New ring ℅ Style Lately | 2. The night of museums: Croatian Natural History Museum |
3. Outfit post | 4. Outfit post

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