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I have a friend who has been recently selected as one of the bridesmaids on a wedding celebration. She was elated by this but she also felt a bit anxious at the same time because this will also mean that she has to shop for a bridesmaid dress. She’s tough on the money lately and she wants to find a beautiful bridesmaid dress on a budget. Being a good friend to her, I’ve shared to her some of my shopping secrets to help her solve her dress dilemma and I told her to buy used bridesmaid dresses.
Her obvious reaction to my advice was seen in her face. She looked very skeptical about what I said because she finds it a bit unusual in the sense. She even told me, “How will you expect to find a decent dress to wear on a pile of used clothing?” and “Don’t you think it’s disgusting to wear something that was handed over by someone else?” It took me quite some time convincing her that not all used clothing are trash. All you need is a piece of know-how and you’ll be able to find a gorgeous looking dress that’s right on the budget.
I told her that there are actual benefits when you buy used bridesmaid dress and here are some of them:

1. You can pick bridesmaid dresses from different sizes - You will be able to find a wide range of dress sizes in used clothing that you won’t be able to find in malls and other primary establishments. Plus sized women are in for a treat because they will be able to pick a kind of cheap bridesmaid dresses that will fit their size without having to undergo alterations.

2. Most of the dresses sold are imported and come from high end fashion brands – Women who are a bit finicky about branded clothes will surely marvel at these wonderful selections because most used bridesmaid dresses were created by the top fashion designers and thus they look exceptionally stunning! Check out these pictures of some used bridesmaid dress designs and pick one that’s right for you.

My friend has decided to wear a one shoulder bridesmaid dress, so I have given her these pictures of some of the one shoulder bridesmaid dresses designs I have seen at a used clothing store that I have visited recently. I hope she will like my choices for her.

3. You are given a lot of dress options without having to adjust on the price – This is probably the best benefit you can get from buying used bridesmaid dresses that you won’t get anywhere else. Your options are usually limited when you’re on a tight budget, but you won’t be able to experience this trouble once you go for used bridesmaid dresses.

After hearing all that I have to say, I was very thankful that she took my advice well and good. And in the end, my friend was able to find a nice looking bridesmaid dresses without spending her money too much.

                                                                                                                                                        Sponsored by The Green Guide

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