InstaApril 2013


1. Outfit post; 2. Coffee time; 3. OOTD;
4. Cinema night: ''Olympus Has Fallen''; 5. New in. Thanks Clothing Loves!; 6. Spring in Zagreb

Yes, I know I should've made this post at the beginning of the month, but as you can see on my blog, there are so many events this month that I just didn't have the time to do it sooner. Anyway, InstaApril is here now, so enjoy the pics!
xoxo S.

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Da, znam da sam sam trebala napraviti ovaj post početkom mjeseca, ali kao što možete vidjeti na mom blogu, toliko je evenata ovaj mjesec da jednostavno nisam imala vremena prije ga napraviti. Uglavnom,  InstaApril je sada tu, uživajte u slikama!
xoxo S.

p.s. Priključite se GIVEAWAY-u na mom blogu OVDJE.

1. Cro A Porter; 2. Got this lovely Sexy Plexy gift at Cro A Porter;
3. Outfit post; 4. Cro A Porter;

1. Cro A Porter; 2. Outfit post; 3. OOTD;
4. Outfit post; 5. Cro A Porter; 6. Ready for Cro A Porter;

1. Cro A Porter; 2. Outfit post;
3. Outfit post; 4. Cro A Porter;

1. Cro A Porter; 2. Tired after Cro A Porter and ready for bed; 3. Outfit post;
4. Cro A Porter; 5. Outfit post; 6. Pretty flowers;

1. Outfit post; 2. Cro A Porter;
3. Cro A Porter; 4. Outfit post;

1. Outfit post; 2. At H&M; 3. XYZ fashion show;
4. Outfit post; 5. Braid kinda day; 6. My article on;

1. Got my ticket for INmusic festival; 2. XYZ fashion show;

1. OOTD; 2. Cinema night: ''Oblivion'';
3. New iPhone case thanks to Benjamins; 4. OOTD;

1. Outfit post; 2. Outfit post; 3. Strawberry smoothie;
4. Outfit post; 5. Nice sunny day; 6. Outfit post;

1. Spring in Zagreb; 2. My article on;
3. Outfit post; 4. Spring in Zagreb;

1. Blueberry smoothie; 2. Outfit post;
3. Flowers; 4. New jewelry thanks to Rings and Tings;

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  1. looks like you has a great april!! lovely photos :)

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  2. Prepredivne slike! Super mi je ovaj outfit sa šeširom i šorcem :)


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