GUEST POST: How to wear animal print shoes


One of the quickest ways to add a dash of personality to any outfit is to mix in a pair of animal print shoes. Rock your sexy leopard and zebra print shoes!

As popular and fun as they are, animal print shoes don't really work with everything. In fact, there are more colors and outfits that animal print shoes don't work with than items that do. The good news is, when you get the right combination, it's a tough one to beat for drama, glamour and sex appeal. Below are a few tips on what to wear with animal print shoes.

The Obvious Choice: Black
It almost goes without saying, but black dresses, skirts, and pants are a perfect match for animal print shoes. Not only because animal prints have black in them, but also because black really emphasized the lighter tones in traditional animal print shoes, such as leopard patterns. So, that's an easy one, take your Jimmy Choo Anouk Animal-Print Metallic Leather Pumps and pair them with a lovely black dress for a fashionable day at the office.

White and Light Neutrals
After black, the easiest shades to pair with animal print shoes are white and light neutral colors like sand, blush, and cream. If you're a real perfectionist when it comes to details, look for tones that are closely-matched to the lighter shades in your specific shoes, but for most choosing neutrals in the same general range will be close enough. A nice pair of Dolce & Gabbana Leopard-Print Canvas & Patent Bow Ballet Flats can be worn with Ladakh The Breathe Easy Crochet Dress in Cream.

Red and Other Bright Colors
All you need is a quick look at a pair of Boutique 9 Leopard-Print Pumps to see how well red works with animal print shoes. In fact, if your goal is to stop traffic, the solution is simple: pair a bright red dress with these leopard print shoes, and maybe a black belt. If you're not trying to get that much attention, simply use red as the accent color with one of other hues on this list.
Other bright colors that work well with animal print shoes include orange, chartreuse, and when used sparingly as accent colors, pinks and yellows.

Earth Tones and Mid-Toned Neutrals
Mid-toned neutrals and earth tones are also ideal for pairing with neutral-hued animal print shoes such as leopard and cheetah. For a cohesive ensemble, match the tone of your outfit to your shoes. For example, if the leopard print shoes you're working with are black and white, try cooler mid-tones like olive and gray. However, if your animal print shoes feature a more realistic cream base, then it's warmer tones you'll want.

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