GUEST POST | 3 Kids Fashion Trends for 2019


The children-wear market has come of age. And just like these little angels themselves, the kid’s fashion industry continues to expand. Given the discovery of new trends in kids’ fashion, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which outfits to choose for your little dolls. If you are stuck on what options to select, here are three kids fashion trends for 2019 you’ll need to know about.

Skirts for the Dolls
It may be difficult to imagine your little girl in skirts but surprisingly, these have been the 2018 trends that have been hitting the fashion industry and are expected to continue trending in 2019. Sometimes, girls want to put on skirts for convenience and comfort. Bambini Fashion offers some of the best skirt designs for your little angels. You can search their websites to see which designs are ideal for your kids.

If you are wondering what to complement this trend with, delicately printed pleats will contrast effectively with some boots and a solid pullover. During the colder weather, a pair of tights will ensure your kids rock this look without necessarily having to change the attire. So if you are thinking of something to buy your kids for the New Year’s Eve, then a patterned, well-pleated skirt rocked with a solid pullover is something you’ll need to consider. This look will definitely be something to look out for in 2019.

Blues and Browns
Just like it has always been the trend, comfy pull-on pants on a golden brown is an excellent outfit when layered with camo and stripes. This look is quite promising and it’s bound to be a hit in 2019 once it opens its door for those who love fashion. This look can be paired with blue sneakers making the kid look glamorous. The good thing about this trend is that your kid can wear the t-shirt along with the denim during warmer weather conditions, or when the child is indoors. Therefore, ‘blues and brown’ is one trend you’ll need to watch out for in 2019 to ensure your kids remain attractive and trendy.

Camo Chameleon
Camo print has always been an excellent addition to your girl’s wardrobe. Since this outfit is still having a moment, it is expected that camo will continue rocking the industry come 2019. The look of this print is amazingly sweet especially when paired with some soft-wash jeans and layered over a pale pink tee. This look has never been any attractive when completed with bright white sneakers. One of the greatest advantages of the camo is that it’s delicate enough to blend with the skirts. Therefore, if you are wondering which kids designs are here to last, then the camo is something that will always top the list.

Wrap Up
The above are some of the kids' fashion trends which are expected to hit the fashion industry
in 2019. Given their flexibility and delicate nature, skirts, jeans, and camos are some of the outfits that make up the best kids attires.

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